Summer A Rainy Day Pink Flower Lotus Gwangokji
We were once close so close, we once shared a life, but now…

Now apparently, I turned everyone against you, apparently, I’m the one going around telling everyone, when it was him. He’s telling all his friends, before I left, before I knew… He even lied to me and said he told no one…but it was to protect me, to keep me safe from the truth…

All I wanted to do was to stay out of it. They don’t like the way you are…but it’s my fault…how? 

Now, you want them to believe the lies, they don’t. You’re trying to beat me, you’re trying to coat the truth with your words, to hide your guilt and make me out to be the liar. Now only the other liars believe you.

It’s funny because my integrity hasn’t changed. I haven’t changed, you have and just for the fact you’re doing this. You wouldn’t have done this before. Now you’re just a chameleon changing your life and personally to suit others around you.

We used to laugh at girls acting the way you do now…

Deep down I think I knew I couldn’t trust you because I never told you my deepest secrets. The ones that make me who I am.

I’ve realised who my true friends are now. They were there the whole time, I just couldn’t see them before, through all your black smoke, I didn’t want to hear their warnings…

But I thank you for breaking my heart. Thank you for destroying my trust and allowing myself to build a safeguard to protect myself and most of all, thank you for showing me your true colours. I wouldn’t have the amazing life I have now if it wasn’t for you, because I wouldn’t have known what to appreciate

Thank you and I do forgive you, but I will never trust or care for you again… 


Photo: https://www.maxpixel.net/

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